Saturday, April 2, 2011

anyone home?!

We ARE still alive! And following everyones blogs! My laptop was hit by a lightening strike a month ago or so and its just purely annoying to use it... :)

In BIG NEWS Charlie's (and mine!) birthday is FRIDAYYY! 


I went birthday present shopping today :) Stay tuned for what I am  ambitiously thinking will be a birthday post!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Opinions Needed!

I promise a post with some pictures SOON! But I had a quick question/poll of sorts for ALL the fluffy owners in blogland...

What kind of vacuum do you use?

We have always had an Oreck and they used to work great, our 2yr old one broke and the new one has been fixed three times... It sucks at sucking. It especially sucks at sucking dog hair.

Charlie has lots of dog hair that he gleefully spreads throughout the house (with loves).

So we need some feedback! What kind of vacuum do you use in your house? What kind have you heard is best? The answer off the top of my head is Dyson but we'd like to keep it under $400!

Help us tame the fuzz! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Guess I have to grow up too!

Well, I finally did it. 

Much to Charlie's dismay (until he sees all the fun things I'll buy him) I FINALLY got a "real" "big kid" job! YAAAAAaaayyyyy? Maybe the universe decided that if Charlie was grown up enough to handle some strangers I was grown up enough for a job?

I love the job.. but I don't love getting home at 5 every day! Poor Charlie! I'll have to get a puppy walking service when I move out of the nest... which will be when I'm confident Charlie will accept my generous gift of a stranger every day.. haha! 

You're leaving again?

So if we are a bit sporadic (and slightly boring) in the next week or so we are just adjusting! 

Speaking of adjusting... our first 'Advanced' obedience class is tomorrow. It's an open class that runs year round so we're basically jumping into a tank of sharks! Gulp! Good thing nubs can swim!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Words on Wednsday

Hehe! Someone sent this to me and asked if I wrote it :p 

*Side note to #11 at the bottom... spay and neuter!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

We Took Our Puppy Class Test Today...


I passed?!?!?!!

The Drill Sergent (now called Sgt Susan because I love what she has done to my dog) said Charlie was one of the best prepared tonight and that he is DEFINITELY ready for the advanced class! She also said that she can really tell that I work with him and truly want him to get past his fear issues, and that Charlie is learning not only to lean on me (ie hide behind) but to trust me (ie I won't let monsters eat him).    

I must admit. I knew we were ready for 'the test'  tonight.. at least for what we practiced the week before! The hardest part was going to be when the dogs had to sit-stay in a large circle on the perimeter of the room while the owners walked a circle in the middle. Charlie was ready for that... but Sgt Susan threw in a monkey wrench. As the owners walked around they had to pet EVERY dog. gulp.

Charlie leaned this way... and leeaned that way... and gave a hell of a hairy eyeball to the men... but there was not one growl and he stayed the whole time. As dorky as it sounds I almost teared up with pride and happiness for him. 

My Charlie isn't afraid <3 

Since we've been in this class and watched Sgt Susan work her full size black tri Aussie afterwards I have really been thinking about getting into obedience trials. Sarge thinks this is a great idea and that Charlie could go far and it would only continue to build his confidence and break down his fear. So next week is our first Advanced Class! 

Eight months ago one of the reasons I started this blog because I noticed Charlie was shy and wanted to get to know more Aussies. Six months ago I tried to stay positive but he was only getting worse.
And today my Charlie wasn't afraid... I'm so happy for my little nubs

This is my stick of triumph!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sheepy the Third

I gots a new Sheepy... again. 


I asked mom to write a letter to the man who makes these... I would just die if they ever went out of production!!! 

R.I.P. Sheepy II

Long Live Sheepy III

Monday, February 21, 2011

Charlie and Corbin Hang Ten!

So as much as I love the snow I decided it was time for a little vacay in the sun! Hawaii anyone??
I can't see my toes! 

 I had to invite my friend Corbin, he's sick of the snow too!
I can't see my toes either... stinkin boots!

I took the keys while mom was at work and headed to pick up my buddy!

Hey Corbin! You ready for a roadtrip? I see sun... sand... and some cool Coronas in our future!

I made a few wrong turns... hey it was a long drive!

Corbin "Hey Charlie... uh how did we drive... to an island?"
Charlie " Minor details my furiend! Whats important is that beach bar over there!"
You think theyd have better service!

Corbin "Enough relaxing time for some excitement!"
Charlie "What'd you have in mind??"


Charlie "Whoa is that Ryker?? He's a long way from Alaska!"

Is that a....?
Oh no it is!!!!!

Don't be scared! I just want a beer! 

Yeah... lets stick to the pool where its safe!

Well Corbin.. I think its time for us to head back to the East coast! I've got puppy class tonight and I bet you have even more adventures to go on! 

Thanks for Hanging Ten with me in Hawaii! 

If anyone else wants to take my new friend Corbin on a vacation for his contest click on his name for the link!
I gotta go put some aloe on my sunburn!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ya know that mom that buys a '5' birthday card on the '6th' birthday?...

Well I'm not thaaat bad but I (finally) got Charlie's registration papers in the mail yesterday and his birthday is April 8th! Not April 15th! oops.... But I was actually really happy about the mix up, you see April 8th is also MY birthday!! I guess nubs and I were meant to be :)

I hope everyone had a happy Valentines day! Especially our friends who had to spend it at the v.e.t! (Don't worry they're all ok!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring is coming...

Mom says this week is going to hit 60 degrees! Yaay! ...I have no idea what that means but I heard dog park so I'm IN! And since Spring is coming I thought I would finally introduce you to my other best friend (also black and white in color) Beans! 

I watch him very carefully. 

For he is a mischevious hopping Aussie with large ears. 
"Beans be comin for you..."

Mom calls him a "bunny" but I know he is a funny Aussie... see his nub??
"Fuzzbutt. I am a Rabbit. Stop staring at my TAIL"

Anyway... he must be watched. 

Hey... hey! Where are you trying to go?
"Buzz off fur butt!"

Oh geeze. This is what I was talking about! 

Oh great... thats gonna make a mess... oh boy...
"nom nom noms my food is in here!"

Phew! He's down! 
"Craps! Moms comin!   la la la just practicing doggie yoga!"

I taught him that! See!

No worries mom... I've got a close eye on my "bunny" Aussie! 
"Why the hell is that furball following me??"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Take the Truck Thursday!

We can handle this... don't worry! 

"Charlie are you sure?"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh... I forgot about you blog!

Hey blog nice to see you again! I forgot you were here! Actually mom said her computer battery is acting "squirrely" (squirrel? where?) and dies all the time.. she yells at it alot... 

But did ya miss my gooorrrgeouss  little face? :)

Of course you did! I've been super busy playing in the snow! 
Mom is NOT pleased with the snow... party pooper! 

Beau has been here for almost a week! I AM SO HAPPY! I missed him soo much! 
We are a snowball hunting duo not to be messed with!

Even Maddie is happy that he's here! Something about that means I stay out of her fur? 

Psh... this innocent face??

But the real reason Beau is here isn't so good.. his owner works 12 hour shifts and Beau has gotten... bored. And we all know that bored Border Collies are... well just not good. OH! And you will NEVER believe what the v.e.t. had to say about my bestest friend! He called him.... (at 64lbs)...... fat! The horror!
Say Whuuuut?!?!
I mean.. he is stealing my food.. and he's been lookin at me kinda funny..
I can nom nom aussie?

uh oh.. maybe he does need a diet! 

OR!! More snow exercise with ME!! ....and Maddie of course!

I'll stay out ALL DAY! But sometime I need extra warm lovins when I get inside! 

Well I've got to rest up and slim down my buddy!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Rescue "Dopleganger"

We're sneaking this idea from Riley, the Australian Cattle dog! It's actually a contest but I thought we would do it for fun and to spot light a doggy that needs a home! The name of the game is "Find Your Better Half" and you just find your pup's identical 'better half' (the sex your pet isn't!) from the website and post their picture! 

I looked at Aussies... there were 74 pages :(
 I wanted to adopt them all and couldn't find a Charlie to save my life!
 So I decided on Madison's better half....
Miss Madison, a 10yr old young Border Collie X Golden Retriever

Meet Joe! Her "Better Half"
Mr Joe a 1-2 yr old Flat Coated Retriever Mix from Washington DC
Joe needs a foster home! He lives in Washington DC and looks JUST LIKE MADDIE! So if that says anything about him I bet he's a perfect dog! 

Here's the link to Joe's page... I hope he finds a home! JOE!

In other news Charlie is thriving in obedience class! BEST part of the night...  Ms Teacher told us today that she is amazed at his progress bravery-wise! We worked on long line today and he would just trot around at the end of the line... sniffing around until I called him! During our sit-stay she came and pet him on the head and talked to him... his ears disappeared (sad dogs have no ears) but he didn't move an inch :) Quite the step from growling at her the first week! I <3 my nubs! 

The second best part of class was when we were leaving and I bent over to put Charlie's collar on.. there in a crate... quiet as a mouse... was a BIG BEAUTIFUL black tri Aussie! He belongs to our teacher and his name is Sam. I'm in LOVE (don't tell Charles!!!). Ms Teacher does obedience with Sam and I cannot wait for Charlie to listen like that! I hope Sam is there next week! Maybe Charlie and I can watch them practice! 

I am definitely going to continue onto the 'advanced' obedience class when we are ready and try Agility when Charlie is old enough. I can even see outside of class that his confidence is growing. There is hardly ever growling and he is much calmer when scary strangers walk around him. Even if I just tell him to sit he seems so much more secure! He is even sniffing complete stranger's hands... zero growling when they talk to him! Ms Teacher said that she hasn't seen many dogs come out of intense fear like Charlie has, it was really great to hear that my our hard work is paying off! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

If fact... when Charlie and I woke up (with NO electricity) we thought we had been shipped Wizard of Oz style to Alaska! 

It's Alaska! ...oh wait that's the backyard!

We had 8-10 inches of "Thundersnow" last night, which is super heavy snow accompanied by a thunderstorm.. so cool! 
We NEVER see snow like this! It is up to my knees!
Snow is almost over me! And its only 7:30pm!!

Charlie and my little brother Georgie LOOVED it! 
Snow Partyyyy

Well... for the most part! 
must... journey... to .... backyard!

We saw some snow deer on our walk in the neighborhood! 

And of course MORE SNOW! 

 Charlie can't help but wonder...

"Did our friend Ryker in Alaska send us this snow??"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet my favorite toy..

Meet my favorite-ist toy in the entire toy basket.

It is a paper towel roll! I don't like the paper towels... but if I see an empty roll I jump and spin and cry until someone gives in and hands it over!! Feel free to look... but sorry... I can't share these gems!

They're soo gooooood! And it's ONE THING that I can riiiip and shrrrrred and... oh its wonderful! 

Uh... you're still here... I only have one...  I don't like to share... 

 My favorite part is watching mom clean them up!! I make as many tiny pieces as I can! 
She has alot of fun picking them all up!
Flashbox! I said no sharing!!!

I looove ripping! Oh that's Stinky Fox in the picture... he stinks! Its great! 

Oh geeze... you're still there... you really want a piece huh? wellllllll...

How about a cute picture of me enjoying my favorite toy instead???
"Do I have something in my teeth?"