Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Opinions Needed!

I promise a post with some pictures SOON! But I had a quick question/poll of sorts for ALL the fluffy owners in blogland...

What kind of vacuum do you use?

We have always had an Oreck and they used to work great, our 2yr old one broke and the new one has been fixed three times... It sucks at sucking. It especially sucks at sucking dog hair.

Charlie has lots of dog hair that he gleefully spreads throughout the house (with loves).

So we need some feedback! What kind of vacuum do you use in your house? What kind have you heard is best? The answer off the top of my head is Dyson but we'd like to keep it under $400!

Help us tame the fuzz! 


  1. Tibby doesn't shed, but I have a cat and 2 rabbits that shed like crazy. If you haven't experienced white rabbit fur EVERYWHERE consider yourself lucky!
    I have a Sharp upright. My Mom gave it to me 6 years ago and it is going strong. I have to use a long stick about once a month to clear the clog of fur/rabbit hay that develops in the hose, but it is a super strong sucker. And it's never had to be fixed or even get a new belt. I even use it out in my 3 season porch to suck up dried mud and leaves.

  2. Whatever you do...don't get a Panasonic...it also sucks at sucking dog hair. I'm looking for a new vacuum as well, so I'll be interested to see what everyone says.

    Elyse and Riley

  3. I have an old Hoover and it sucks at dog and cat hair. I am in the market for a new one also and look forward to hearing about any good ones that really work without having to break your back while pushing too much! Lots of love, Holly andmom

  4. We don't have carpet anymore so we just use a broom and sometimes a small lightweight sweeper.

  5. I have always liked a mid priced Kenmore. Good value for the money.

  6. Thanks for inspiring our Mom to start a blog for us!

    We use a Dyson. It's pricey, but will last for years and works great! Sometimes there are some great sales on Dysons at Target!


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