Saturday, October 30, 2010

Howl -O- Ween!!!

My my we  have been busy! Especially trying to decide what Charlie will be for Howl o ween!!!

I am also thinking of Charlie's anxiety on Halloween night.. Strangers still really upset him and things like coats and hoods make the situation worse! So at the recommendation of several friends I am going to try a product called Rescue Remedy. Its an herbal calming supplement. It is actually for people too, I know several people who have used it at horse shows to calm their nerves. They report no drowsiness or 'funny' feelings, just like having a glass of wine one person said. Has anyone ever used it?

Howl-o-ween pictures to follow!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weee New Charger!!

Yay the new computer charger come in the mail (again)!!!! So much has gone on since our little...sabbitcal...started!! Charlie went to the vet for his consult appt for the uh.... THE surgery...if ya know what I mean.... poor kid. BUT the vet talked to us for a veryyyy long time about the lingering anxiety issues and now poor poor Charles will be spending more time with my brother (who is a scart scary person in Charlie land) and my dad (also very scary) and will be going on walks with the girl down the street (less scary unless shes wearing a coat!). What are we on... plan Q???

Oh Charlie... :)

Our thoughts and paws are with Luke...We love the Golden Boy!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 6 Months Old Charlie!!!

Nubs is 6 months old today!!! Now I feel like a bad puppy parent because at the dog park last week I told someone he had just turned 5 months old! ...oops...

Good thing Noah keeps track of his (our) age!! (ps Happy 2 days late 1/2 bday buddy!!)

Yayyy Partayyyyy

 *no puppies were given wine in the making of this photo! 

Here are 6 things about 6 month old Charlie! 
1. Charlie sleeps in my bed and delights in pouncing on my alarm clock in the morning
2. Charlie HATES hoods. With a passion. No matter who (even me!) is wearing them. They are evil.
3. Madison sees Charlie as a nuiscance that must growled at 98% of the time. BUT during thunderstorms Madison lets Charlie sit on her bed right next to her like he is protecting her from the thunder!
4. Charlie has an obsession with feet. ouch.
5. For as much of as teacup this puppy is, we constatnly are asked "Aw is that a Bernese Mountain dog??"    ...Those big beauties start out 15lbs... Charlies is 14 soaking wet after he just ate! (But on a side note he is 16in tall at the shoulder right now!!)
6. Charlie is my little velcro puppy and I love him!
This is my grown up face!

...i told you guys last week... these ears... mind of their own!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Circus Dogs!

Well I promised pictures of Charlie & the tunnel so here they are!! The dogs decided this would be some sort of a circus.. as you will see if you click the nifty video clip! Pardon my high pitched 'charlie pay attentionnnnn voice!

Tunnel Charlie!
Go Madison!

Maddie I said go through it??!
WOW I thought she was too old for that!! (Hope she doesn't read!!)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Agility Anyone?

I've discovered that Charlie LOVES agility. My little brother has a playhouse with tunnels and I taught Charlie to run through them in... maybe 5 minutes. He gets SO proud of himself when he comes out the other end! I did beginner agility with Madison when she was younger but her intense fear of the teeter-totter ended our 'career'.

It rained today but is supposed to be nice tomorrow... I will hopefully post some tunnel pics! Currently Charlie is learning to "jump" over the broomstick on the ground... that will have to do until he is older (not safe for growing puppies to jump!) but he is LOVING it. Maybe it would be a good confidence builder?

Off to email our old agility school and ask if they have a non jumping puppy class...


Monday, October 11, 2010

Park anyone?

We went to the doggie park :)

Madison really wanted to swim....

Charlie really wanted the ball....


Maddie always wins in the end :)

Please can I have it?


OH! And while at the park we met Nikki, a BEAUTIFUL black tri "in between Aussie" (mom was mini and dad was standard) who just loved Charlie and her mom was so happy because Nikki ran right up to me... Turns out Nikki had MAJOR anxiety issues and was super timid as a puppy and one day (about 8mos old) she just snapped out of it! Now she is a little wary of loud situations but generally a happy go lucky dog! I was SO happy... there IS hope for Charles!

Hopefully everyone else's Fall is starting off with weather as nice as ours!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

These Ears!

Has anyone else noticed ever changing ears in their puppies?? Charlies are... consistantly changing...? They switch about every other week from one up to the other to both down to both up! I think its funny :) I dont have a picture but this week the right ear is up!!

June... both down
July left up

Early Aug both down

Late Aug both 1/2 up?

Mid August both UP

Sept One up

a week later... one wayyy up

Both down!     

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dog Park & Collar :)

We spent the evening at the doggie park :) I needed to cheer myself... I mean Charlie... up after a horrendous trip to the pet store (more anxiety issues to put it mildly!). So we made friends at the park... there were 3 great danes that loooved Charlie...

This crowd makes Madison look tiny!! Everyone was friendly though :) 
The love wasn't quite mutual! He found a little malti-mix that was more his size to play chase with!

Here are pictures of Charlie and his big kid collar! I had to find it under his new fluff! I'm so happy his hair is getting long! Charlie sat patiently (for the most part) while I snapped pics trying to get the color to show... its darker in real life! Almost the same as his copper points!

What do you mean they can't see the collar?
How about now!

Get my good side!

"Agggggh NO MORE PHOTOS Mom!!!! They get it! I'm cute... new collar... blah blah!!"

 oh Charlie...

Big Kid Collar

Well we are off to the pet store! Charlie broke his collar! The old one was getting too small for Charlie's meaty 14.6lb frame (haha) plus it doesn't exactly work after Charlie's... antics haha

It began with a move like this....

Which led to this....

Charlie had a high speed crash down a hill and looked like this....

I pulled the grass out of his collar and it just fell off!!

Off to Charlie's favorite (ha) socialization spot!! The pet store!!!!

Charlie and Beau are also wishing Noah a speedy recovery!!!