Saturday, October 9, 2010

These Ears!

Has anyone else noticed ever changing ears in their puppies?? Charlies are... consistantly changing...? They switch about every other week from one up to the other to both down to both up! I think its funny :) I dont have a picture but this week the right ear is up!!

June... both down
July left up

Early Aug both down

Late Aug both 1/2 up?

Mid August both UP

Sept One up

a week later... one wayyy up

Both down!     


  1. *Thud* Falls out of chair from cuteness overload!

    Charlie is adorable! I LOVE his ears :)

  2. I love his ears too! What a cutie pie :)

    Emma Rose

  3. Noah was the same way. Regardless, Charlie is adorable in every picture!

  4. Those are some crazy cute ears alright! Don't think mine were that cute and changeable.

  5. What a cutie. I love the one with the ear sticking "waaaay up!" adorable. :)


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