Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weee New Charger!!

Yay the new computer charger come in the mail (again)!!!! So much has gone on since our little...sabbitcal...started!! Charlie went to the vet for his consult appt for the uh.... THE surgery...if ya know what I mean.... poor kid. BUT the vet talked to us for a veryyyy long time about the lingering anxiety issues and now poor poor Charles will be spending more time with my brother (who is a scart scary person in Charlie land) and my dad (also very scary) and will be going on walks with the girl down the street (less scary unless shes wearing a coat!). What are we on... plan Q???

Oh Charlie... :)

Our thoughts and paws are with Luke...We love the Golden Boy!!!!


  1. Charlie sounds like my little brother Higgins. That is a good idea to have him spend more time with the scary people. It will help him to get used to them and I wish we had done that with Higgins! Good luck :)

    Charlie is a dreamboat!!!

    Emma Rose

  2. Gotta loosen up Charlie boy... your missin' out on a lot of cool folks! And good luck with THE we know what cha mean thingy. Mine was a breeze, didn't even need to wear the cone of shame.
    And leave that charger alone, we missed ya!


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