Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Agility Anyone?

I've discovered that Charlie LOVES agility. My little brother has a playhouse with tunnels and I taught Charlie to run through them in... maybe 5 minutes. He gets SO proud of himself when he comes out the other end! I did beginner agility with Madison when she was younger but her intense fear of the teeter-totter ended our 'career'.

It rained today but is supposed to be nice tomorrow... I will hopefully post some tunnel pics! Currently Charlie is learning to "jump" over the broomstick on the ground... that will have to do until he is older (not safe for growing puppies to jump!) but he is LOVING it. Maybe it would be a good confidence builder?

Off to email our old agility school and ask if they have a non jumping puppy class...



  1. Oh man, I wish we had agility classes around here!

    ... PS: I know it's not good for growing puppies to jump, but how do you keep Charlie from jumping? Kirby jumps ALL THE TIME. He jumps for the ball when it bounces, he jumps OVER other dogs at the dog park... He jumps when he sees us, he jumps when we ask him to "spin," and the other day he jumped as he was doing the command "shake."... yep, really. He is a jumping fiend!

    Anyway- That's so great that he's a natural at agility! Maybe it will get his confidence up as well? :) Awesome.

  2. That sounds great Charlie! I will be your #1 fan if you decide to compete. That was mine and Dad's plan until fate decided I needed to take a different route. I can see it now Charlie....You win trial after trial and they put your face on a cereal box. Then your hosting SNL promoting your show on The Animal Planet! BOL! Ok, I know, you are still at the playhouse stage. But who knows.....

  3. BOL Noah! I'm not sure if Charlie would like TV...knowing all those strangers were watching???? AHHHHH!!!! mini aussie meltdown!! hahaha and Kirby... we can't stop Charlie from jumping... I think there are springs in his toes. Half of his pictures are him flouncing into the air! But that being said I wouldn't 'train' him to jump this young, practicing would just put more stress on his joints. I'm not sure how old dogs are supposed to be.. I know horses should be 4 but they grow much slower than dogs!


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