Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 6 Months Old Charlie!!!

Nubs is 6 months old today!!! Now I feel like a bad puppy parent because at the dog park last week I told someone he had just turned 5 months old! ...oops...

Good thing Noah keeps track of his (our) age!! (ps Happy 2 days late 1/2 bday buddy!!)

Yayyy Partayyyyy

 *no puppies were given wine in the making of this photo! 

Here are 6 things about 6 month old Charlie! 
1. Charlie sleeps in my bed and delights in pouncing on my alarm clock in the morning
2. Charlie HATES hoods. With a passion. No matter who (even me!) is wearing them. They are evil.
3. Madison sees Charlie as a nuiscance that must growled at 98% of the time. BUT during thunderstorms Madison lets Charlie sit on her bed right next to her like he is protecting her from the thunder!
4. Charlie has an obsession with feet. ouch.
5. For as much of as teacup this puppy is, we constatnly are asked "Aw is that a Bernese Mountain dog??"    ...Those big beauties start out 15lbs... Charlies is 14 soaking wet after he just ate! (But on a side note he is 16in tall at the shoulder right now!!)
6. Charlie is my little velcro puppy and I love him!
This is my grown up face!

...i told you guys last week... these ears... mind of their own!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Charlie!! You look so handsome and grown up now. I love feet too. Must be an aussie thing. Just wanted to make sure I stopped by today and wished you a happy 6 months birthday buddy!

    Your friend..........Noah

  2. Well. Charlie decided he was going to have his SECOND computer charger for his birthday present. I am keeping his special birthday cookie for a GOOD puppy! Gr.

  3. Happy Six Months Charlie! I just love your freckles. Nubs, huh? You should have held out for the cookie dude, much tastier than a charger!

  4. Six months... wow! (sorry about the charger... :/)


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