Friday, October 1, 2010

Dog Park & Collar :)

We spent the evening at the doggie park :) I needed to cheer myself... I mean Charlie... up after a horrendous trip to the pet store (more anxiety issues to put it mildly!). So we made friends at the park... there were 3 great danes that loooved Charlie...

This crowd makes Madison look tiny!! Everyone was friendly though :) 
The love wasn't quite mutual! He found a little malti-mix that was more his size to play chase with!

Here are pictures of Charlie and his big kid collar! I had to find it under his new fluff! I'm so happy his hair is getting long! Charlie sat patiently (for the most part) while I snapped pics trying to get the color to show... its darker in real life! Almost the same as his copper points!

What do you mean they can't see the collar?
How about now!

Get my good side!

"Agggggh NO MORE PHOTOS Mom!!!! They get it! I'm cute... new collar... blah blah!!"

 oh Charlie...


  1. Here's an award!

  2. Yup, he is cute and Love the new collar...good choice! Belly's up! (cuz we don't have thumbs)


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