Thursday, December 30, 2010

I always feel like...

somebody's watchin meeeee!

My poor dogs... ever since Christmas morning they have had the new flashy box in their faces 24-7! I can't help it! There are so many buttons I need to figure out!

Most of my pictures still turn out like this...

But I am starting to get nice ones like that one of Charlie from yesterday and these...

Waiting for a snowball to be thrown...
Searching for said snowball...

Maddie helping out the little bro

I've also come to the conclusion that he has springs in those little white toes...




So while I'm starting to get a hang of the fancy camera... the pups must suffer! 
"Oh Santa.. what have you done???"

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday... a few hours early!

I couldn't wait until midnight, I was playing with my camera today in the snow and got what I believe is my all time favorite picture of Charlie!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Came!

Charlie and Maddie made out like a bandit with treats, bones, stuffy toys but I was the happiest of ALL because Santa brought me a super awesomely cool camera...thaaaaaat I have no idea how to use... BUT it came with many many insturction manuals so I hope everyone is ready to sit through millionsssss of high quality super cool "freckle face" pictures! ...ya know once I read those manuals... 

yes... i took a picture of the camera!

Hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas as us!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas...

Dear Santa, I have tried oh so hard to be such a good puppy all year long! I hope you will leave something for me under the tree! I only chewed 2 computer chargers and some tissues! I'm working on the stranger danger thing... last night there was a Christmas party at my house and I met these really nice kids, they pet me and fed me cheese so I would sit in their laps. The adults were ok too... mom gave me an unbearable amount of hugs after... she said she was SO proud of me because I didn't bark or growl at all! Of course today I had to alert her (and the whole east coast) that our houseguest (who has been here since Tuesday) was still here and still scary! But I digress... point is Santa, I'll be waiting for you to come vsit me! Please don't wear your hat though.. I am afraid of hats you see. Oh, Madison was a good dog too... except when she doesn't let me steal her ball... 

Love Charlie

Is he here yet?

Monday, December 20, 2010

5 Days Till Christmas!

Charlie decided (possibly plotted) that I needed to buy myself a little something for Christmas after I was SUCH a nice owner and took Christmas pictures of him... I would have been fine with this except.. his gift of choice was a computer charger... AGAIN! So naturally he needed to chew the one that I had... that was only a few months old... so that's where we've been!

On the upside, along with Beau visiting we had this cutie stay with us for the weekend! 
Meet Griffen! 

Many butt sniffing circles ensued..

 We realized that all of 'our' dogs over the weekend were black and white! Good thing Charlie and Beau have some brown or we'd have quite the monochromatic photo op! 
Note Madison getting as far away as possible from Griffen!

 Here's a cute one of Charlie & Mads from last week..
Takes ALOT of cheese to get the Queen to sit this close to a minion!

We can't wait for Christmas! Charlie sticks his nose in every bag he can find searching for presents. We're taking a lesson from our buddy Noah and leaving all his presents hidden until Santa comes! 
"Say what??"

On a side note... we saw 2 bald eagles on the neighborhood lake today!!! They were hanging out eating a fish on the ice! It was so cool but I was a little miffed that they showed up a week early! Santa may have a super cool new camera in his bag for me! 
Stupid tiny zoom! They're so far away!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Pictures...


I tried to take Christmas pictures of my pups tonight... didn't get far... I was laughing entirely too hard at Charlie's reaction to my "props"


So here's the 'out takes' 'blooper reel' etc etc.. hopefully I'll get 'finished' ones done this week 

"Mom... this tiny man... do i really have to sit this close??"

"Oh sh*t where did you come from?!"

Plus BEAU is coming to Pa this weekend!! We miss him!! And I'm sure Maddie would like a break from Charlie!

p.s. Is anyone having trouble with blogger's 'design' section?? I can't get it to load and would reeeally like to change these fall leaves in for something more wintery!

p.p.s. Charlie is 8 MONTHS OLD today?!?!?!?!?!? ahh my puppy! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I feel like I'm missing something....?

Well today... I was LEFT...ALONE... at the v.e.t. office. I tried to tell mom as she was leaving that these guys were up to no good! The v.e.t.s were ok... not too scary... I didn't have to bark or growl at them, one said he knew my cousin! Then I took a really weird nap and next thing I knew mom was back to pick me up! I feel pretty tired.. and I'm stuck on this leash because someone doesn't want me to jump on and off the couch. hmpf.  But I guess I feel ok... I just can't help feeling like I'm missing something?....


Charlie is at the vets for his big day! I felt like the most horrible person on earth leaving him with scary strangers!! I could see his cage from the door and just before I left he let out this pitiful cry and stared right at me! :( He gets picked up with his cone of shame at 5pm! Wish him (and me) luck!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I love the SNOWS!

Psh mom thought I'd be afraid of snow?!?! HA! I laugh in the face of snow!


Me and Beau ran and played and snoofed and digged and...

Well then we lost a frisbee...
I wasn't concerned I found a ball...

I tried digging for it..

No luck! Sorry Beau!

Pleeeeaaaassseeeee can I stay out all day??

"Please can I have new frisbee?"

Poor Beau! Maybe Santa will bring you a new frisbee!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Hi all we are headed up to NY to visit Beau! Theres SNOW there! Charlie is going to freak out...Expect some snow pictures soon! Hope everyone is loving the fall/winter-ish weather!