Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

Following everyone's example.... Wordless Wednesday!

Charlie is 12 weeks old tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day at the Park!

While the flea bombs were being set off (it was successful by the way!!) the boyfriend and I took Charlie and Beau to the lake for a swim! I didn't expect Charlie to go in but... he bolted into the water right after Beau and we couldn't get him out for almost 20 minutes! Beau played fetch the whole time and Charlie happily swam in circles around us! We took lots of pictures..but they arn't so great I OF COURSE forgot the camera so the cell phones had to do!

I just want to know how I ended up with TWO skinny leggy black tri herding boys :)

Beau teaching Charlie all about the lake!

Swim Charlie Swim!!

I'm sure you can all imagine how well he slept that night!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Lets start off by saying that I hate bugs. And Charlie HATES baths.

The roomate's dog, Charlie's bff, who he spends hours rolling around with came home from the boarding kennel with... fleas. The roomate turned the lights on last night and found her dog in a swarm of the nasty critters. Worst Nightmare. She got a flea bath first thing this morning but poor Charlie, at just over 11 weeks, is too young to get ANY flea control!

So after a 7:30am call to the vet... Charlie's (and my own!) bedding has been washed in hot water... twice... and poor Charlie was immersed in Dawn dish soap water for 4 LONG mintues then rinsed and meticulously combed. My skin is crawling! EEK!
Heres poor Charlie recouperating after his "traumatic" bath :(

Off to buy flea bombs for the whole house.

This is war.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Charlie's Home!! I was so worried about picking him up... what if he didn't remember me?? But that went out the door as soon as I got there, Charlie bolted out the door and was jumping and wiggling all over me.. he even whined!!! Then he stuck to me like velcro until I put him in my car!

But then we had our first puppy injury!! Last night Charlie was playing with Beau and they ran into the kitchen... Charlie came running back out with a bloody nose!!

I'm sure it was an accident, Beau is always SO gentle with the puppy! He was so ashamed that he hid under the kitchen table and wouldn't even look at me!! Then he crawled up to Charlie on his belly wagging his tail! (I guess that meant I'm sorry?) I didn't know which dog to feel worse for!

In the end everyone kissed and made up and Charlie is no worse for wear except for the tiny scratch on his tiny white nose!

Oh puppies!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

On the road...

"Grandma" says Charlie is doing great and sends lots of pictures! I cant wait to see him again... 3 days!! I'm posting a quick picture of Charlie's "big brother" Beau, a 2 year old Border Collie for Charlie's new friends to see (and yet another picture of Charlie relaxing on "Grandma's" couch!!)

Beau sitting on a hay bale watching his farm :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Distance makes the heart grow fonder? I hope!

Charlie's first vet visit (with me) was today! My little wimp cried when he was given a shot and even whined when he was fed banana flavored wormer! BUT the vet has 2 Aussies from Charlie's breeder and he said they were wimps too and now theyre beautiful intelligent dogs :) But my little guy gets a clean bill of health at 6 lbs!

Though I love my little Charlie I have begun to notice that he is a somewhat aloof puppy.. this is heartbreaking to me as I wanted a puppy as my faithful little snuggling companion! I know he'll come around... I just feel like we havent bonded in 2 weeks like I anticipated we would :/

To ad to this concern I am leaving little Charlie for 5 (YES 5!!!!) days. He will stay with his "grandma" and be under the watchful eye of my childhood dog, Madison. Hopefully Madison will teach him a little something, she is a beautiful Border Collie/Golden Ret cross and will hopefully be quite the nanny dog for Charlie!

So off I go on vacation...

Charlie will be awaiting my return (I hope!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Charlie is the new kid on the block!
A black tri colored ball of cuteness and... Attitude! Little Charlie is originally from an Arabian Horse breeding farm in Western PA. For those of you who know horses... I think the Arab personality rubbed off!! He is 9 weeks old (yesterday) and his interests are food, his "brother" a 2 yr old Border Collie named Beau, snuggling, and playing. Charlie's dislike are too numerous to list at the moment but topping them off is.. the dreaded harness (or collar!).

I am Charlie's "mom"... I know understand that mom=servant. hm. Other than taking care of Charles I ride horses and am a college grad looking for a job with no direction :) I'm optimistic.

Now that the basics are out of the way.. I noticed quite a few other mini aussie's blogs here and decided to join the club in sharing the trials and tribulations of my own little man. Charlie is convinced I was put here to torment him. He is a playful and boisterous little guy who (so far!) has stayed out of trouble. However, once the collar or harness is on.. he pouts and refuses to move an inch. Yesterday he sat in the middle of the living room protesting for 2 hours. Aside from this though his crate training is going swimmingly and he LOVES Beau, my boyfriend's Border Collie and Tilly, a friend's mini dachshund.

Thats all for now, we are off to the barn!