Friday, June 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Charlie's Home!! I was so worried about picking him up... what if he didn't remember me?? But that went out the door as soon as I got there, Charlie bolted out the door and was jumping and wiggling all over me.. he even whined!!! Then he stuck to me like velcro until I put him in my car!

But then we had our first puppy injury!! Last night Charlie was playing with Beau and they ran into the kitchen... Charlie came running back out with a bloody nose!!

I'm sure it was an accident, Beau is always SO gentle with the puppy! He was so ashamed that he hid under the kitchen table and wouldn't even look at me!! Then he crawled up to Charlie on his belly wagging his tail! (I guess that meant I'm sorry?) I didn't know which dog to feel worse for!

In the end everyone kissed and made up and Charlie is no worse for wear except for the tiny scratch on his tiny white nose!

Oh puppies!


  1. Oh no! When bitey face games go wrong! Hope his nose feels better. He'll need lots of kisses for that.

  2. Aw!! You see!!! How nice is it when they great you?!?!? It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I love it! Now, when Ace is in his crate taking a nap, when I let him out, he acts like he hasnt seen me in days! its adorable!
    O gosh sorry to hear about the bloody nose! Luckily puppies are pretty tough! Tougher than they seem! When we go out to dog parks and stuff other dogs always like to Bite Aces fur!! I am sure because it is so soft and it probably looks delicious! haha He cries out, but then he chases them back! it's really cute! I suppose it's just like little kids playing! Sometimes they hurt each other!
    We look forward to more posts now that you are home!! yay!

  3. Yes, it's a wonderful feeling when I can be gone from the house for an hour or two, or just five minutes, and Bandit goes absolutely ape over my walking in the door. When my husband gets home from work, he gets the "I haven't seen you in ages!!!" treatment, too. I'm glad Charlie's nose was a minor ouch.

  4. Charlie is such a sweet little cutie! Hope his nose is better now.


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