Friday, June 18, 2010

Distance makes the heart grow fonder? I hope!

Charlie's first vet visit (with me) was today! My little wimp cried when he was given a shot and even whined when he was fed banana flavored wormer! BUT the vet has 2 Aussies from Charlie's breeder and he said they were wimps too and now theyre beautiful intelligent dogs :) But my little guy gets a clean bill of health at 6 lbs!

Though I love my little Charlie I have begun to notice that he is a somewhat aloof puppy.. this is heartbreaking to me as I wanted a puppy as my faithful little snuggling companion! I know he'll come around... I just feel like we havent bonded in 2 weeks like I anticipated we would :/

To ad to this concern I am leaving little Charlie for 5 (YES 5!!!!) days. He will stay with his "grandma" and be under the watchful eye of my childhood dog, Madison. Hopefully Madison will teach him a little something, she is a beautiful Border Collie/Golden Ret cross and will hopefully be quite the nanny dog for Charlie!

So off I go on vacation...

Charlie will be awaiting my return (I hope!)


  1. Oh, I know how you feel, I went away on Holiday for a week and I think I missed Ace more than he missed me, but I don't think I have ever had such a welcome party! I think Ace almost passed out from excitement.
    I am sure Charlie will be just as excited!

    Ace is Brave...but a wimp at the same time...He got a shot a few weeks ago at the vet in his back hind leg...well he held his leg like he was injured and looked at us with sad eyes...we all couldn't stop laughing. The vet said she had never seen anything like it. He is our little drama queen. And the whining....Ace whines daily about random things...if someone doesn't sit with him while he chews his bone, he will walk around and whine with it in his mouth...we call it *emotional eating* hahaha.
    I am sure Charlie will bond to you soon enough. He is still so small. Ace was pretty aloof when he was a little peanut as well. Everything is so interesting.
    Oh and how you thought you were getting a snuggle buddy...I thought so too...I just didn't realize it would be a biting wiggling snuggle buddy haha. He is a little wiggle worm right now and the only way he stays still in my lap is if he has a bone to snack on...
    It's just a matter of time...I hope...haha

  2. Just found your new blog - welcome to the mini Aussie gang on blogspot!! Charlie is adorable!!


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