Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

Following everyone's example.... Wordless Wednesday!

Charlie is 12 weeks old tomorrow!


  1. WHAT A CUTIE!!!!
    How is the bonding going?

    I thought of your post today about how you were sad because you wanted a snuggle buddy and he isn't really like that yet. I thought of it because Ace jumped onto my lap today while I was sitting on the couch and he actually laid his head down and snuggled for a whole 2 minutes (without trying to bite)!

    I feel like we are really making progress....hahaha
    and he is 5.5 months old!

    I hope you and your little guy are forming a great bond together!

  2. awww *boing boing boing* lol

    12 weeks! That's a big puppy birthday!

  3. Charlie still isn't a snuggler but recently he is really showing his personality more.. he's super excited to see me whenever I come home, even if I was only outside for a few minutes! And if he takes a nap with me (which is rare considering his energy level!) he likes to lay close enough that he can bite me every so often haha. So no snuggling YET but he defiantly is getting more attached to me and I'm sure the snuggle will day!

    Ace is so cute! I hope Charlie can read this! Maybe in 2.5 months I'll have a snuggler too! haha

  4. hi charlie! welcome to the mini aussie blog world. such a cutie!! i would totally agree about the snuggling thing. dash did not snuggle much as a puppy and even now he's about 50/50 floor vs. next to us. i think it will develop more with time :)

  5. Hi Charlie! I just brought Kirby home on Saturday- he's 8 weeks now! If it's okay with you, I'm going to watch what you do just to get a little 4 week preview of what is to come with Kirby! :) I hope we can be blogging buddies! :) Come visit me at! That is... if Charlie slows down for a minute! These guys are all about gogogo!

    -Kerry & Kirby

  6. Hi Charlie! You sure are cute. You remind me of my Brother Bandit. I'm a big time snuggler...always have been. My mom loves it!
    You should give it a try, I recommend it!

  7. Charlie, you are so sweet! Running is the best fun!


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