Friday, July 23, 2010

Long time no see!

We've been quite lazy with our blogging! Charlie has been camping and swimming and traveling ALL over the state! Of course the lack of blogs could be due to the fact that little Charlie chewed through the computer charger!!! gr. So with new charger safely off the floor I thought we'd update quickly! Once I unpack and find the camera cord there will be many pictures and stories!

Oh... and Charlie has finally started snuggling!!! He loves his belly rubbed and I catch him sneaking closer and closer when he naps!


  1. Hey!! I wondered what happened to you guys!!
    Aw sounds like so much fun!! I would LOVE to take Ace camping, hopefully sometime in the near future!! Can't wait to hear about how it went!!
    Can't wait for your photos!!
    Oh! and SO happy Charlie is snuggling a little bit more! Aw sooo cute!
    Ace has started a new thing where when I let him lay in my bed, he charges me and lays across my face/head....I let him sleep with me ONE night, and I woke up because he had layed across my face and I was suffocating...needless to say he is back in his crate now...hahaha!!
    I guess thats his sick idea of snuggling!

  2. camping, swimming and traveling?! We definitely need to see some pics! Reuben loves our laptop chargers. He doesn't touch any of the other cords. I wonder why?


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