Monday, July 26, 2010

Camping Recap!!!

Charlie has spent the last... well MONTH being a traveling little puppy! Camping and swimming and chasing everything in sight! He's become quite the swimmer.. now that he's put some weight on he plays in the water the whole time we're at the lake (instead of playing then shivering in a corner!! poor skinny nub!)

Charlie is also growing straight UP! His legs are soo long! My mini aussie is not looking very mini!!

We are also in the midst of packing up my college house to move! Charlie is a theif and steals things out of boxes. Then Beau (the goody 2 shoes) follows him whining! Its too funny!

Enjoy our pictures!

Where did these legs come from?????

Charlie stole all the sticks that Beau found...

Then.... Beau saw a deer! Being "brothers" they argued over which way it went..

Here Mr Deer... Heeeere Mr Deer....!

The Chase Is On!!!!!

ooooh they were so close... then Beau was convinced it went up the tree...
Some hunter he is... haha
Charlie is clearly confused as to why Beau is flying...

Of course every time we went swimming I forgot my camera! And there were some moments I was not willing to move to get my camera! Charlie decided that he enjoys being a snuggly puppy and routinely hops up on the couch or bed next to me with a toy :)

*******I'm SOO excited!*******

He also knows that if he sits in front of me and lifts his paw in the air while giving a me a super sad puppy face look that I can't resist picking him up! Although it always seems to be when he has wet muddy paws :/ oh well I'll take a wet muddy snuggle over none!!

Hope everyone else is enjoying summer as much as Charlie!

Heres one more picture of Beau looking quite goofy..


  1. That looks like so much fun! I'm so excited for Kirby to be done with shots so we can take him camping and... well... out! You weren't kidding about those legs- are you sure he's not part greyhound?? Gee whiz! :) I'm glad he's turning into the cuddlebug you were hoping for.

  2. Charlie's definitely going through a growth spurt right now! I remember when Bandit's legs looked like that. And then he went through a period where he seemed a little bottom heavy and looked like a tub from behind when he was going up stairs, and then he seemed so off balance going downstairs because he had so much weight in his tush. Great pictures, and it's fun that Charlie has such a great big brother in Beau.

  3. dash used to look just like that. skinny and all legs. i think eventually his fur filled out, but he's still pretty skinny when wet :)


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