Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Charlie is the new kid on the block!
A black tri colored ball of cuteness and... Attitude! Little Charlie is originally from an Arabian Horse breeding farm in Western PA. For those of you who know horses... I think the Arab personality rubbed off!! He is 9 weeks old (yesterday) and his interests are food, his "brother" a 2 yr old Border Collie named Beau, snuggling, and playing. Charlie's dislike are too numerous to list at the moment but topping them off is.. the dreaded harness (or collar!).

I am Charlie's "mom"... I know understand that mom=servant. hm. Other than taking care of Charles I ride horses and am a college grad looking for a job with no direction :) I'm optimistic.

Now that the basics are out of the way.. I noticed quite a few other mini aussie's blogs here and decided to join the club in sharing the trials and tribulations of my own little man. Charlie is convinced I was put here to torment him. He is a playful and boisterous little guy who (so far!) has stayed out of trouble. However, once the collar or harness is on.. he pouts and refuses to move an inch. Yesterday he sat in the middle of the living room protesting for 2 hours. Aside from this though his crate training is going swimmingly and he LOVES Beau, my boyfriend's Border Collie and Tilly, a friend's mini dachshund.

Thats all for now, we are off to the barn!


  1. Welcome!!! We are so Happy to be your first of many soon to come followers!! I have been searching for more mini aussie blogs and I wish there were more! If you make a button I will be more than happy to put it on my blog!! :)
    Charlie is such a cutie!!! How old was he when you got him?
    O gosh, Ace hated his collar at first, I thought about a harness, but our puppy trainer doesn't recommend them for training purposes.
    The funny thing is, I thought we would have a HUGE problem that would last forever with that darn collar but he took to it after just a couple of days!!
    You have another doggie as well??? a 2 year old?? What made you decide to get another? How did the 2 year old react when you brought home Charlie??? I would love to get a brother one day, but I wonder what a good age he should be before we get another one (that and once he is 100% trained) I don't need 2 mischeivious puppies!!!

  2. Hi! Ace is beautiful! Charlie was exactly 8 weeks when I picked him up. He is slowly getting better with the harness and collar.. I switch between the two :) Beau is not technically my dog, he belongs to my boyfriend but he was a suprise "birthday present" from his mom and he had a full time job and ZERO experience with dogs! So I took the reins and now Beau that Beau is a model citizen (and stays at my boyfriend's farm with his beloved cows) I wanted a dog of my own! Beau treats Charlie like his baby, he follows him and herds him around, even plays tug of war ever so gently :) He's a good big brother!


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