Sunday, June 20, 2010

On the road...

"Grandma" says Charlie is doing great and sends lots of pictures! I cant wait to see him again... 3 days!! I'm posting a quick picture of Charlie's "big brother" Beau, a 2 year old Border Collie for Charlie's new friends to see (and yet another picture of Charlie relaxing on "Grandma's" couch!!)

Beau sitting on a hay bale watching his farm :)


  1. Nice to meet ya Charlie!
    Don't worry mama, just keep lovin' on him and it will happen!

  2. Aw Such a little Peanut! Ace just now at 5.5 months is conquering the couch! He is now obsessed and needs to sit on it all the time haha. How can I say no???
    Beau sure is handsome!! I am glad he loves his little *brother* so much!!
    Ryker is right! Just keep lovin' on him and you two will develop a great bond. Ace grows closer to his Daddy & I every day!
    Hope you are having a nice trip!


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