Saturday, June 26, 2010


Lets start off by saying that I hate bugs. And Charlie HATES baths.

The roomate's dog, Charlie's bff, who he spends hours rolling around with came home from the boarding kennel with... fleas. The roomate turned the lights on last night and found her dog in a swarm of the nasty critters. Worst Nightmare. She got a flea bath first thing this morning but poor Charlie, at just over 11 weeks, is too young to get ANY flea control!

So after a 7:30am call to the vet... Charlie's (and my own!) bedding has been washed in hot water... twice... and poor Charlie was immersed in Dawn dish soap water for 4 LONG mintues then rinsed and meticulously combed. My skin is crawling! EEK!
Heres poor Charlie recouperating after his "traumatic" bath :(

Off to buy flea bombs for the whole house.

This is war.


  1. Oh, dear. That sounds like a major headache to deal with. I hope you get rid of all those little critters soon! Cute pic of Charlie!

  2. o my gosh! What an ordeal! Sorry to hear that happened! Does it take long to get rid of fleas?!?! I wouldn't know what to do at all if that happened!
    Good luck!!! Welcome to puppy mommyhood! :D

  3. Oh dear dear, that sounds horrible. Hope all those crawlies are off now.


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