Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Kid Collar

Well we are off to the pet store! Charlie broke his collar! The old one was getting too small for Charlie's meaty 14.6lb frame (haha) plus it doesn't exactly work after Charlie's... antics haha

It began with a move like this....

Which led to this....

Charlie had a high speed crash down a hill and looked like this....

I pulled the grass out of his collar and it just fell off!!

Off to Charlie's favorite (ha) socialization spot!! The pet store!!!!

Charlie and Beau are also wishing Noah a speedy recovery!!!


  1. Isn't shopping for collars fun though? That was one of my favorite parts of prepping for a puppy. Which will look best on him? Which will he like? You know, because they care SO much... ;) On Kirby, it didn't really matter anyway, his fluff covers the collar almost completely!

  2. I LOVE it haha We settled on a dark gold colored one with a faint brown design... it matches his copper markings! Charlie was a mess at the store though :/ All braveness out the window today!

  3. We also have had great fun picking out our collars. It has to match his coat and personality and be comfy and functional as well. And a trip to the pet store is always an adventure! Our choice was a black and white one in a tribal design. Charlies sounds like it suits him, but we need a picture of it : )
    Love the photo of him snuggled into Beau.

  4. Oh Charlie! Can't fight cute and he has it! Thank you Charlie and Beau for the wonderful get well post on your blog. You are truly friends!

    Your pal..........Noah


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