Saturday, October 30, 2010

Howl -O- Ween!!!

My my we  have been busy! Especially trying to decide what Charlie will be for Howl o ween!!!

I am also thinking of Charlie's anxiety on Halloween night.. Strangers still really upset him and things like coats and hoods make the situation worse! So at the recommendation of several friends I am going to try a product called Rescue Remedy. Its an herbal calming supplement. It is actually for people too, I know several people who have used it at horse shows to calm their nerves. They report no drowsiness or 'funny' feelings, just like having a glass of wine one person said. Has anyone ever used it?

Howl-o-ween pictures to follow!


  1. I have never used it, sorry. Can't wait to see pictures of Charlie on Halloween!!

  2. We have and it is helpful. It is also good to keep on hand in case of trauma as stress is very detrimental to an injured animal.
    `Sandy and Ryker

  3. Happy Halloweenie Dog, Charlie! Love, Bandit♥


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