Monday, October 11, 2010

Park anyone?

We went to the doggie park :)

Madison really wanted to swim....

Charlie really wanted the ball....


Maddie always wins in the end :)

Please can I have it?


OH! And while at the park we met Nikki, a BEAUTIFUL black tri "in between Aussie" (mom was mini and dad was standard) who just loved Charlie and her mom was so happy because Nikki ran right up to me... Turns out Nikki had MAJOR anxiety issues and was super timid as a puppy and one day (about 8mos old) she just snapped out of it! Now she is a little wary of loud situations but generally a happy go lucky dog! I was SO happy... there IS hope for Charles!

Hopefully everyone else's Fall is starting off with weather as nice as ours!!!


  1. Looks like Charlie had great fun at the park! He is swimming much eariler than I did! Guess having Maddie to encourage him helps.

  2. Wow, Charlie is quite the swimmer! Kirby has webbed toes... (are aussies supposed to have webbed toes? Who knows...) and he is terrified of the water still. We met a mini doxie tonight at the park who had been going to the park for years, and tonight was the first night that she ventured more than 2 feet away from mom... she was following the pair of great danes around! You never know, he could snap out of it at any moment. :) Neat photos!

  3. Looks like all had a great time. Great job swimming Charlie.

    Fall is great so far. Noah is LOVING all the leaves!

  4. Looks like a ton of fun! Great action shots!


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