Monday, March 7, 2011

Guess I have to grow up too!

Well, I finally did it. 

Much to Charlie's dismay (until he sees all the fun things I'll buy him) I FINALLY got a "real" "big kid" job! YAAAAAaaayyyyy? Maybe the universe decided that if Charlie was grown up enough to handle some strangers I was grown up enough for a job?

I love the job.. but I don't love getting home at 5 every day! Poor Charlie! I'll have to get a puppy walking service when I move out of the nest... which will be when I'm confident Charlie will accept my generous gift of a stranger every day.. haha! 

You're leaving again?

So if we are a bit sporadic (and slightly boring) in the next week or so we are just adjusting! 

Speaking of adjusting... our first 'Advanced' obedience class is tomorrow. It's an open class that runs year round so we're basically jumping into a tank of sharks! Gulp! Good thing nubs can swim!


  1. Aww....adjusting to a new schedule can be a bit hard sometimes. Hope everything works itself out.

  2. I have to readjust after every summer when mom goes back to work for the school district. It is hard but somehow we do it and you will too. Just rest assured your mom will be back each and every day.


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