Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ya know that mom that buys a '5' birthday card on the '6th' birthday?...

Well I'm not thaaat bad but I (finally) got Charlie's registration papers in the mail yesterday and his birthday is April 8th! Not April 15th! oops.... But I was actually really happy about the mix up, you see April 8th is also MY birthday!! I guess nubs and I were meant to be :)

I hope everyone had a happy Valentines day! Especially our friends who had to spend it at the v.e.t! (Don't worry they're all ok!)


  1. oh wow! Yal share the same birthday!?! That's awesome! Making any special plans yet?

  2. That is a HUGE coincidence! Your right, we think it's meant to be too!
    Ryker's BD is the day before... April 7th! Wish we lived closer, we could have a big party! BYOB Bring your own bone!

  3. That's awesome that you and Charlie have the same birthday!! Thanks for thinking of Riley yesterday. We watched Westminster too and saw Brick, the red cattle dog, during the herding group. He looked great! Too bad he or the Australian Shepherd didn't win the group.

    Elyse and Riley

  4. How cool! But vet on V-day... not so much. Its funny, we call our aussie, Bindi, Nubs too! And Nubby, haha!

    - Megan & Bindi


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