Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring is coming...

Mom says this week is going to hit 60 degrees! Yaay! ...I have no idea what that means but I heard dog park so I'm IN! And since Spring is coming I thought I would finally introduce you to my other best friend (also black and white in color) Beans! 

I watch him very carefully. 

For he is a mischevious hopping Aussie with large ears. 
"Beans be comin for you..."

Mom calls him a "bunny" but I know he is a funny Aussie... see his nub??
"Fuzzbutt. I am a Rabbit. Stop staring at my TAIL"

Anyway... he must be watched. 

Hey... hey! Where are you trying to go?
"Buzz off fur butt!"

Oh geeze. This is what I was talking about! 

Oh great... thats gonna make a mess... oh boy...
"nom nom noms my food is in here!"

Phew! He's down! 
"Craps! Moms comin!   la la la just practicing doggie yoga!"

I taught him that! See!

No worries mom... I've got a close eye on my "bunny" Aussie! 
"Why the hell is that furball following me??"

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  1. Beans! How cool is that! You got your own mini Aussie! You two are darling together. Hey Freckles, watch out for his rear kick, I hear it a whopper!


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