Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh... I forgot about you blog!

Hey blog nice to see you again! I forgot you were here! Actually mom said her computer battery is acting "squirrely" (squirrel? where?) and dies all the time.. she yells at it alot... 

But did ya miss my gooorrrgeouss  little face? :)

Of course you did! I've been super busy playing in the snow! 
Mom is NOT pleased with the snow... party pooper! 

Beau has been here for almost a week! I AM SO HAPPY! I missed him soo much! 
We are a snowball hunting duo not to be messed with!

Even Maddie is happy that he's here! Something about that means I stay out of her fur? 

Psh... this innocent face??

But the real reason Beau is here isn't so good.. his owner works 12 hour shifts and Beau has gotten... bored. And we all know that bored Border Collies are... well just not good. OH! And you will NEVER believe what the v.e.t. had to say about my bestest friend! He called him.... (at 64lbs)...... fat! The horror!
Say Whuuuut?!?!
I mean.. he is stealing my food.. and he's been lookin at me kinda funny..
I can nom nom aussie?

uh oh.. maybe he does need a diet! 

OR!! More snow exercise with ME!! ....and Maddie of course!

I'll stay out ALL DAY! But sometime I need extra warm lovins when I get inside! 

Well I've got to rest up and slim down my buddy!


  1. We sure did miss you. How can you forget the blog and keep your cute face away from us. :(

  2. That was a very innocent face. If you ever need a second home mama says to let us know. We'll come get you!
    Maybe you should have Beau's jaws wired shut, he'd loose weight and not be able to eat you. That or you can probably out run him sine he is f*t.
    Seriously, I am glad for you that you have your good friend staying with you. I know you enjoy that : )

  3. We missed you, Charlie! Oh, the horror of being called fat! Poor Beau. Riley's best pal, Chloe, is also a bit overweight but she has lost 5 pounds!

    Elyse and Riley

  4. Of course we missed you Charlie!!! How could we not!! Love the pictures!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  5. My momma just loves your cute little face!

  6. Missed you! But glad you are back! you are adorable!


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