Monday, February 28, 2011

We Took Our Puppy Class Test Today...


I passed?!?!?!!

The Drill Sergent (now called Sgt Susan because I love what she has done to my dog) said Charlie was one of the best prepared tonight and that he is DEFINITELY ready for the advanced class! She also said that she can really tell that I work with him and truly want him to get past his fear issues, and that Charlie is learning not only to lean on me (ie hide behind) but to trust me (ie I won't let monsters eat him).    

I must admit. I knew we were ready for 'the test'  tonight.. at least for what we practiced the week before! The hardest part was going to be when the dogs had to sit-stay in a large circle on the perimeter of the room while the owners walked a circle in the middle. Charlie was ready for that... but Sgt Susan threw in a monkey wrench. As the owners walked around they had to pet EVERY dog. gulp.

Charlie leaned this way... and leeaned that way... and gave a hell of a hairy eyeball to the men... but there was not one growl and he stayed the whole time. As dorky as it sounds I almost teared up with pride and happiness for him. 

My Charlie isn't afraid <3 

Since we've been in this class and watched Sgt Susan work her full size black tri Aussie afterwards I have really been thinking about getting into obedience trials. Sarge thinks this is a great idea and that Charlie could go far and it would only continue to build his confidence and break down his fear. So next week is our first Advanced Class! 

Eight months ago one of the reasons I started this blog because I noticed Charlie was shy and wanted to get to know more Aussies. Six months ago I tried to stay positive but he was only getting worse.
And today my Charlie wasn't afraid... I'm so happy for my little nubs

This is my stick of triumph!!


  1. Yay! Congrats! What a brave boy!

  2. I knew you could do it, my freckled friend. I am not sure I could have sat still with my mom petting other dogs...I get very possessive of my mom, she's MY MOM, not yours! I all ready have to fight off 5 cats that want her attention.
    Anyhow, I am very happy for you both! Never doubted you for an instant.

  3. Congratulations!!! That is wonderful news! Lots of love, Holly and mom


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