Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet my favorite toy..

Meet my favorite-ist toy in the entire toy basket.

It is a paper towel roll! I don't like the paper towels... but if I see an empty roll I jump and spin and cry until someone gives in and hands it over!! Feel free to look... but sorry... I can't share these gems!

They're soo gooooood! And it's ONE THING that I can riiiip and shrrrrred and... oh its wonderful! 

Uh... you're still here... I only have one...  I don't like to share... 

 My favorite part is watching mom clean them up!! I make as many tiny pieces as I can! 
She has alot of fun picking them all up!
Flashbox! I said no sharing!!!

I looove ripping! Oh that's Stinky Fox in the picture... he stinks! Its great! 

Oh geeze... you're still there... you really want a piece huh? wellllllll...

How about a cute picture of me enjoying my favorite toy instead???
"Do I have something in my teeth?"


  1. Gosh your so cute Charlie! Where did you come from? If I get another puppy someday I want one like you!
    Did mom ever give you the roll from inside the Christmas paper rolls? It is like your favorite toy but even bigger!

  2. Charlie, what a fun toy! Riley loves to take paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls and hide them until she decides to go back and chew them up and eat them. At least you don't eat yours! Have you heard anything from Noah lately??

    Elyse and Riley

  3. Charlie, you are so adorable!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  4. Oh, how fun! My mom doesn't let me have them... but sometimes if I'm not in my crate when they leave home, I take the paper towels off the table and eat the whole roll! HAHA shows them...

  5. Ryker, he came from western PA and YES he was in heaven when we were wrapping presents! Elyse, I haven't heard anything from Noah I have been wondering how he's doing! Corbin, hahaa thats what they get!!

  6. Must be an aussie thing, my baby brother, Bokeh, loves to chew on toilet paper rolls.


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