Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Day at the Lake!

Today mom took me to the lake by our house! I've been swimming here in the warm months but never in the snow! I LOVE the snow SO MUCH! Its fluffy and sniff-able and eat-able!
Hey where'd the water go?

There was so much to see! 
Adventure is out there!

nomnom stick!
There was a boat shed that apparently I've seen before...
Anybody in there?

I don't think so!
It was a little too relaxing so I decided mom needed a little excitement... 

"Charlie stay away from the lake..."
this lake?

"Charlie I mean it! You don't know if its frozen!" 
"See! Now you fell!"

Nobody saw that right?...

"Well now maybe you'll listen Nubs!.... Charlie! Again?? Really??"
I'm tellin you... there used to be water and ducks here!
right here...

"Charles get OFF the lake!" 
Oh hey wow its frozen...

Okay Okay geeeze!

I have no idea what she was so upset about... I see geese out there all the time! Good thing they werent there today.. I would have had them! 

After a while mom said she was frozen and we had to go back to the car... 

Do we have to?

Hahaaaa sucker!! You can't catch me!


  1. Charlie, you are just so cute!!! It looks like you had lots of fun!!! Love, Holly and mom

  2. Looks like fun! You are so cute!
    We went to the lake today too, but we walked on it LOL!

  3. Hey I just noticed that you were born 4/15/2010. Tibby was born 4/28/2010. You're only a few days older than her!

  4. Everything is always new when there is snow on it. Looks like you had a great time! :)

  5. You are such a little imp! You listen to your mom and be careful on that lake.

    Speaking of Birthdays, Ryker's is 4/7/09

  6. We're just a bunch of April kids! My birthday is 4/8 Charlie 4/15 and Noah, another one of the blogging Aussies is 4/13!! P A R T Y time come spring!!!


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