Monday, January 17, 2011

We Went to Schooooool!

Well we survived the first class! Now I wouldn't say we were the favorites but... we certainly weren't the 'least prepared'! Here's the play by play! Maybe I'll get real pics one day... until then I played with clipart!

I plan on getting to class early... insert troublesome GPS... we arrive 2 minutes early!

BIG RED DOG sniffs..and almost knocks over Charlie as we walk in.. Charlie is unfazed... well... more like really freakin distracted by the 7 strangers! BIG RED DOG is named Charlie! (First Friend!)

We are praised for having a chain collar that fits correctly... then converse with V.E.T. who brought a b-e-a-utiful Dobe pup named Bree, and was proud of Charlie for acting nervous but.. normal? haha

Drill Master (aka Teacher Lady) comes to help us with the Sit... Charlie growls. I recieve a STERN talking to about my puppy's aggression :( Then Charlie is literally drug... i mean he layed down and she pulled him on his belly... away from me to practice Sit with Drill Master. Amazingly he listens! And accepts pets from her!
Like this... but hey.. it worked!

It wasn't all downhill from there though.. we were praised for our loose leach walking and the other pups showed us up...

B.R.D. Charlie gleefully pulled his loving master to the floor trying to make another friend.
Kinda like this...

5 of the 9 dogs in class pooped or peed (AMAZED Charlie wasn't one of them!!)

A pit-mix tried to eat Charlie.. only Charlie.. and by eat I mean pulled his owners along trying to taste his Aussie pants following us! Ah! I think they got the doggie aggression version of the talk I received :/
Nom Nom Aussie Pants!

At the end of class Drill Master walked up to us again.. no growling! :)
So all in all I was VERY happy with Charlie. He tried SO HARD his 'Sits' were precise and his walking was very good! And he really seemed.. ok.. in the enviornment! Nervous but not any more so than some of the other puppies! YAAY! We can't wait for next week!
I iz concentwated oh so hard! I WILL be a good school puppy!


  1. What a fun post!! Yah for Charlie!!! We know he will be the very best!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. Good job, Charlie! Way to be all aggressive and stuff...hehe. :) We're sure he was just nervous.

    Obedience school opens up a whole new world of possibilities! Therapy dogs, rally, obedience, agility, search and rescue, etc., etc., etc...! Enjoy your time with him at school, it's a great bonding time!

    Elyse and Riley

  3. Good for you Charlie! This will be a great experience for you and your mom. I had a great time in puppy one and two. My Therapy dog training has been postponed till March. The instructor suddenly died of a post surgical blood clot. How horrible and sad.

  4. Oh my goodness!!! :( I'm sure you will make a wooonderful therapy dog though Ryker!!

  5. Really enjoyed your post with all those funny pictures.

    I think it sounds like you made a really really good start.

    Yay You!!!

    Love and licks from your newest fan, Winnie

  6. My brother Bokeh started school as well. He is having so much fun.


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