Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Post of 2011!

I snapped this while Charlie was waiting to come inside the other day. :)

We have been SUPER busy doing what seems like nothing lately! I just now got to read everyone's new years posts! We'll get caught up though!

On a random side note... I realized the other day the Charlie doesn't jump. At all. I'm puzzled. He jumps on couches and beds and... ahem... chairs. You've seen countless pictures of him flying through the air, but he only leaps as hes running! If I throw something in the air he just waits for it to come down, if you hold a toy above his head he stands up and then barks at you! The puppy does not jump! I know it doesn't really matter its just odd considering how easily he jumps onto things and his charasteristic runrunrun-LEAP-runrunrun gait! Anyone else have a gravity challenged mini? Haha :)


  1. Adorable photo!
    Consider yourself lucky! I can't Ryker to stop jumping. If I hold one of his toys too long he jumps up and snatches it. He jumps on people he likes and so far we are still having troubles controlling that. It took Ryker a while to learn to jump for the Frisbee so maybe it will come in time.

  2. What? Doesn't jump? Our newest addition, Bokeh, he is a jumping fool.

    Hope we can be pals. :)

  3. Hi Sagira! We love new pals! Ryker, of course Charlie jumps on people haha I'm considering teaching him how to walk on his hind legs, he already turns a circle!

  4. Holly doesn't jump either except to jump on people, the couch, the chairs. She doesn't really leap either! She runs and that's about it! Lots of love, Holly and mom


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