Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yoga Puppies

Our first instructional post on yoga for dogs! 
The beautiful models Maddie and Charlie will demonstrate a few basic beginner poses! 

First is the "Mountain Pose" Stand very straight and focus your gaze... hold for 15 seconds.
The Border Collies and herding Aussies practice this pose daily and are experts!

Charlie will demonstrate my personal favorite, "Balanced Nubs"...
this pose takes many many years of concentration to achieve!

Next we move to the old favorite, "Downward Facing Dog"...

Maddie straighten you tail! 
Much better! 

When you have practiced doggie yoga for a very very long time you will achieve mind control powers, enabling you to do our final pose, the "Levitational Ball"

Hehe hope you have fun trying doggie yoga! Remember... Concentwation is Key! 

We'll be practicing today to get limbered up and ready for... CHARLIE'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL tomorrow! We will be going to basic obedience class and our vet, who has Charlie's aunt.. or cousin... not sure on the relation will be there with a client's dog! 

      I've held off taking him until now because of his anxiety issues, yes I know taking him out should only help them, but until recently I honestly thought being in a room with that many strangers would be too much!
    But in light of recent events such as a Christmas party when Charlie was begging for cheese from alll the guests (he's 'allowed' to beg from strangers right now...ugh) and sitting in my cousins lap! We also went to the pet store yesterday and for the first time Charlie walked up to total strangers and accepted treats without reeeeaaaching and leeeeaning toward our longer scary... pet store worker friend! She was bowled over by his random progress! We had guests over another night and Charlie was nervous, he couldn't find me so he sat with my teenage brother, who normally TERRIFIES him!!    
So tomorrow night off to puppy class we go!

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  1. We love the Yoga pose!! That is just really cool!! Best of luck at puppy class...we know you will have fun! Lots of love, Holly and mom


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