Thursday, January 27, 2011

We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

If fact... when Charlie and I woke up (with NO electricity) we thought we had been shipped Wizard of Oz style to Alaska! 

It's Alaska! ...oh wait that's the backyard!

We had 8-10 inches of "Thundersnow" last night, which is super heavy snow accompanied by a thunderstorm.. so cool! 
We NEVER see snow like this! It is up to my knees!
Snow is almost over me! And its only 7:30pm!!

Charlie and my little brother Georgie LOOVED it! 
Snow Partyyyy

Well... for the most part! 
must... journey... to .... backyard!

We saw some snow deer on our walk in the neighborhood! 

And of course MORE SNOW! 

 Charlie can't help but wonder...

"Did our friend Ryker in Alaska send us this snow??"


  1. We got snow too yesterday but not that much thank goodness! You look like you are having lots of fun!! We are beginning to think we are at the North Pole!!! We love the pictures and the deer are beautiful!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. Isn't that wonderful... it does look like MY backyard! Snow Party! I think you got more that we did this week! Mom says one good thing is a short walk can wear out an Aussie with all the effort it takes to wade through all that deep heavy snow. And fun photo ops. Love the photos of the deer. Georgie and Charlie are so cute playing together in the snow.
    And yes, we did send the snow! hehe

  3. Wow, look at that snow! I love a great snowy photo op! We got alot here in the "sunny" south a couple of weeks ago, but not quite as much as you! Ours turned to ice, and then my Aussie didn't enjoy it quite so much.. haha! Poor thing, she was sliding everywhere!

    Anyway, Charlie is adorable! Can't wait for more adventures! I just started a bloggie for my Aussie, Bindi :)

    I'll be back soon!!

    Megan :)

  4. Wow, how beautiful. I wanna be shipped to Alaska! hehe. Next time you go, take me OK? ;-)


  5. Your snow party looks like fun Charlie! :)


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