Friday, November 19, 2010

Dun dun dunnnnn

Me? Special Day? Fo Real???

Charlie's uh.... "special day" at the vet is scheduled for Dec 8.

I'll start being a nervous wreck now! I can guarantee he will need the cone of shame... he's a licker.

poor kid. he doesn't know whats coming....

For some good news take a look at our buddy Noah's Blog!!! He is running a "Cash for Comments" campaign! For every comment left on his post Noah's humans will donate 50 cents to their local humane society's new building!  So stop by and leave a comment for Noah and all the animals your 50 cents will help!


  1. Charlie don't go!!! They took me in telling me I was getting a haicut. Oh I got a haircut alright. I came out walking funny and it wasn't just from the hip surgery!!

    They got the sign at a festival. If you like it, it's yours. Just let me know. Consider it a Christmas present from your ole buddy Noah. I can always get another next year.

    Thank you so much for the link, I really appreciate it.

  2. Oh poor Charlie! That is not a fun thing to do my friend :( We'll be thinking of you and praying for a quick and easy time of it.

    Emma Rose

  3. Poor Charlie!! You don't even know what's about to hit you!

    Elyse and Riley

  4. It's best not to know. It was no big deal for me and no Cone of Shame needed. I will be hoping that it goes just as easy for you. So you can't hold your licker huh?
    Mom had mine done at the SPCA clinic because they do so many she thought they would be super experts! It was cheap too but that had nothing to do with it. She just wanted someone with lots of experience.

  5. Noah we love youu! I can't take your sign though!! It is wonderful though!! And Ryker, I was looking at the SPCA but our vet is (thank goodness) super reasonable and "family" considering he has Charlie's aunt! She is a blue merle with blue eyes like yours!


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