Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Charlie had to get a bath today.. he stunk.

Charlie is sad. He hates baths!

See how FLOOFY Charlie is getting?
See mah floof?

After the bath running and jumping is essential to drying off..

Flying is too?

Oh Charlie...


  1. Hey, you are getting floofy! You don't like baths?! I love em. Didn't know if you were flying or that was a cool dance move.

    ......Your buddy, Noah

  2. Riley tolerates baths but they aren't her favorite thing to do...! I don't know why dogs have to go wild after taking a's like they have to go rub the smelly good stuff off!

    Elyse and Riley

  3. That is a great floof picture. That happens to me too after I have a bath.

    Emma Rose

  4. I hate the bath part too. But the "Go Nutso" part afterwards is the BEST! I charge around the house with my "Towelie" and everyone tells how good I smell and how wonderful I look! I am a snuggle magnet after a bath!

  5. Looks like your getting your Dogley winter coat growing in. I just love your freckles!


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