Saturday, November 13, 2010

Border Collie Time

Hey Aussie Folk. Beau the Border Collie here. I have taken OVER Charlie's blog for the day. It all started with Charlie saying he was faster than me! Ha! So we made a bet to settle it! A little game of tag to settle the dispute.  I, as you can see, won a blog post of my very own! Charlie would have won a REALLY embarrassing picture of me but... well I'll show ya what went down. 

We were out playing and the little munchkin hopped in what the humans believe is alwaysss an adorable fashion...

He told me he was the fastest puppy in the world! Ha!

I told him that was SO NOT TRUE! And the bet was on...

I was hot on his tail! Well... hot on his nub! 

Oh yeahhh Oh NO! I alllmost had him this time! You aussies are quick! 

The situation was starting to look bleak. Even the flashbox can't catch him!!

"Na na na na boo boo you can't catch me!"  He taunted me. But he was getting over confident...

I saw my oppertunity when he was busy being all cute and windswept!


Victory is sweet. And the puppy is tired! 

Now you may all gaze at my BEAUtiful-ness.

Get it? BEAU...its mah name...and im B-E-A-U-tiful. hehe.
oh man I crack myself up. 

Well enough of this literary stuff. Off to chase a cow... or a Charlie!! 

High Five!!

Border Collie.... Signing off.


  1. So where you been Beau....Glad you won that race and tagged that little stinker so we could see more of you. Cuz you are both beautiful! Tag a cow for me!

  2. Hi handsome,

    Glad you won. Border Collies Rock!!!

    Emma Rose

  3. Woohoo! Good job! You are the winner! yayay! :-)
    hehe. I am a Golden Retriever named Simba and I am very excited to be blog friends. I love the style and look of your blog! Very pretty! Oh, and you are beautiful toooOO!

    Luv, Simba

  4. Great job Beau! But be careful, us Aussies will stick together. Right Charlie!?

  5. Beau has been in Ithaca NY and I'm stuck here in PA until the mom gets a NY job! She said something about me being her herding dog so i should help her get the ducks in a row? I dunno what ducks shes talkin about... But I told Beau just wait! Noah's right Aussie's rule! There will be a rematch....Nice to meet you and thanks to Paige & Simba!


  6. Hi there Charlie! You sure are a little cutie! I'm stopping by from Noah's blog.

    Elyse and Riley


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