Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Collar, Foods, and LEAFS oh my!

Yay for the weekly socialization trip to the pet store!  I just got a plain blue collar that you cant even see under his floof because I want to order this fancy leather padded one for Christmas (shh!!)
I canz sit for 2 seconds. no posing. must. run. in. leafs.

At the pet store Charlie was first met with "the expert" a lady who constantly tells me that Charlie MUST have had a bad experience and I MUST not be socializing him enough and I MUST baby him and basically tells me I'm ruining my puppy. GR. hmpf.  She never listens when I tell her our 'routine' for strangers is no eye contact and offer a treat without reaching for him.  She tries to 'catch' him. We are not friends with the 'expert'. Thankfully "the buddy" was there. This lady has a friend who has an anxious mini aussie. She is GREAT. And this week Charlie actually sat at her feet and she got to reach down and pet his head while we were talking! He also was totally cool with eye contact and her reaching twoard him (not for him!) :) He even went with her on a mini walk around the aisle! Success!

We also got new food for Charlie! I guess because I ususally talk about his anxiety I never mention the fact that my puppy is anorexic. He eats enough to stay healthy but is starting to look skinny... and I don't want him to be skinny for his big day in 2 weeks! SO we were instructed to try wet food (work up to 3:1 wet:dry mix) which I just..ugh..not a fan of wet food. We came home with Wellness Puppy, (the same as his dry food) which is a natrual holistic brand; Halo Spot Stew which is all natural as well; and Merrick Puppy Plate, which looks like human Chunky Soup. Its my personal favorite because its actaul chuncks of meat, whole veggies, and even apple pieces & apparently its the closest brand to raw food! So we are testing all three! If nothing works we will be trying Instinct dry food, which is all natrual kibble coated in a freeze dried raw food shell... gross.. but if it makes the puppy eat and grow I'll deal with it... I just reeeally dont want to go all raw... I know I know its sooo good for them.. but I dunno if I can stomach it!

Today we spent all day in the woods! Charlie, Maddie, and my little brother George ran around like hooligans and I caught it on tape :) Crappy cell phone tape but its still cute!

 And yes. Charlie jumped in the freezing cold muddy lake after I took this... Oh Charlie!


  1. Oh Charlie! You really jumped in that water? You are a brave pup!! As far as eating, I wasn't a big eater at all when I was young. (Hard to believe it now). Mom used to have to hand feed me kibble by kibble. I was kind of a crazy puppy and got in lots of trouble too. I eat too much now and have calmed down..finally! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. It is clear in the video that my buddy Charlie won the race! Great job at the pet store Charlie. As far as jumping in the cold water....I just went out and it's sleeting. I did my business and headed to the house. It's cold out there!

  3. Wow, you jumped into that lake!? Wow, you are a braver soul than I! My sister's dog, Daisy, used to be underweight as a puppy and had the vets all concerned but she ended up being an 85 pound Boxer when she got older...overweight. Hopefully Charlie will fill in soon too.

    Elyse and Riley

  4. Charlie, you are way too cute!!

    Doesn't sound like "the expert" is much of an expert. If you are having behavior issues...I highly recomment one of Tamar Gellers books (she has 2...both are awesome) and she will fix ANY problem and addresses them all in the books! Simba took classes at Petsmart too, the teacher was nice, but I don't agree with them on all their methods! So, each week I would go home and read the book and teach him the commands I wanted to. Now hes a great mannered dog! LOL

    As far as eating goes, I worried about Simba too. Changing their diet too much can cause problems too. I would recommend a fish diet. My Simba loves it, and it is SO healthy. Maybe try Holistic Select Anchovy, Salmon and Fish Dry Kibble or Orijen 6 Fix Dry Kibble. Both of those are very high in fish, and they contain that irresistable flavor dogs love! Make sure that you aren't giving him too many treats b/w meals..that can play into things, too!

    Anyways, if you need me, feel free to stop by our blog!!

    Paige and Simba

  5. Thanks guys! Paige and Simba, thanks for the tip! They mentioned fish and i was hesitant but we'll put it on our list! And yeah he really did jump in the lake...he had his fun but then he had to get a b-a-t-h! And Noah I did win the race I was driving my old lady Maddie nuts in the woods! She was acting like a spring chicken!

  6. So much for experts!
    We feed Instict, I think it is good stuff. Looks like we did a lot of the same research. All the foods you listed are on my good list...a couple other brands that are very good are Fromm and Wysong.
    I was wondering if he jumped in the water. I think he is so adorable. Those leaves are so big and deep. I am jealous of your leaves!!!
    Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    ~Sandy and Ryker


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