Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I decided it was time to catch up on all the issues that I've been neglecting here...

1. Charlie and I are still looking for a job in Ithaca... we miss Beau!!!

2. Charlie is still fearful :( I am working very hard to take him at least one place a day. We frequent the pet store and pick up my little brother from school (WHOA kids!). I take him for a hot dog and cheese walk in the neighborhood every day because the meer sound of cars people and garage doors makes him anxious! The walks are getting a little easier, and he doesn't bark/growl when people approach him. He just runs to the end of the leash which is still frustrating.

On the upside my parents have people over quite often and this is great for Charlie, most of the neighbors even welcome him to their house if we go for dinner or a playdate. I've found that asking strangers to ignore Charlie and occasionally toss him a scrap of food (without making eye contact or talking to him) that he warms up really fast! Maybe people ignoring him makes them less threatening? After a few well placed scraps Charlie is sniffing legs and after about 30 mins usually accepts eye contact and a quick pet! Men take a little longer but I'm really pleased with it! Of course downside... BEGGING! But I think begging is easier to fix than panic... so I'll take it.

3. Madison is walking alot better. She is putting full weight on the leg and not on painkillers anymore. She is still stiff especially after laying down but can even trot without a noticable limp. We are assuming she just overexerted her self too many days in a row and her hip couldnt take it :( poor girl! So we are talking to the vet about a joint supplement and the beloved racquetball is in hiding for a few more days (shes a fetch addict).

Well its time to work on sit-stay.. we are facing the all favorite puppy challenge of rushing the door when it opens! SO glad hes a fast learner!


  1. If he's rushing to the door when it opens, I guess he isn't that scared of the unknown! :)

    I think it just takes time and don't over do it to where he's stressed. Don't want him constantly faced with scary people. Just gotta move from one comfortable environment to one slightly not so comfortable at his pace. Good to know he's doing better, though.

    Glad that Madison is feeling better!

  2. Glad Madison is better. Charlie will come around, some just take longer then others.


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