Sunday, September 5, 2010

Poor Princess :(

My princess Madison was hiking with us yesterday and we don't know if she pulled something crossing the creek or if she is just that sore but she can barely walk :(

She is 10 (eek!) and has.. not so good hips but this is the worst we've seen her :( Poor Maddie is hobbling around.. we gave her mild pain killers but as soon as Tuesday rolls around she is going on a joint supplement (maybe Cosequin?) and possibly a vet visit if she's still gimpy!

Charlie doesn't understand why she wont put up with his antics today.. poor little guy. They don't really play... Maddie is above that (haha) but she does put up with him scooting circles and bouncing on her (just not near her ball!)

So Mads defiantly needs some get well soon howls!


  1. Oh! :-( Feel so bad for both of them. We will be thinking of Madison....and Charlie.

  2. Sending get-well wishes to your Maddie. ♥

  3. Oh, Madison...we wish you fast healing! Take it easy on her Charlie.

  4. Our thoughts and well-wishes to Madison here too!


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