Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thanks Noah! :)

Noah passed on an award to us! Thanks!

Guess I'm supposed to list 10 things you don't know about us..
1. Charlie's ears usually don't match.. one is up one is out
2. Charlie loves the water but shivers uncontrollably after about 20 minutes
3. Charlie 'puts himself to bed' when he is tired he trots upstairs and falls asleep on my pillow
4. Charlie's left front paw is exactly half pink and half black
5. I used Charlie as an activity this past summer while teaching pony camp
6. I cant wait for Charlie to get "big" so he can play with the cows!
7. I have confirmed the difference between a Border & Aussie is that Aussies are always 'ON' Charlie is either intense or asleep while I believe Borders (Beau & Madison) have an "off" switch the sometimes utilize
8. Charlie's eyelashes used to be mismatched. The left was white and right was black.. one by one the white lashes turned black, I was SO sad when the last white one fell out!
9. Charlie herds my 5 yr old brother with more determination than I've ever seen in dogs herding cows!
10. Despite the challenge of how timid he is Charlie is the best behaved puppy I've had! (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!)

Thanks again Noah! Now I guess I should pass it on? I'm not sure how this works!!!
365 Days of Puppy
& Bandit and Ace but I'm not sure if I can double award them?? But they deserve it!!

Thanks to all my bloggy friends for sharing stories and of course advice!! :)


  1. I just love learning new things about Charlie. The eyelash story is precious.
    Thank you so very much for the award! Now I will have to think on 10 things myself!

  2. You are welcome. Just keep us posted and laughing.


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