Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh Canada! ... Almost!

Charlie is accusing me of being a lazy blogger.. rightfully so BUT I have yet another excuse! Beau and his owner moved to Ithaca NY this past week and... they don't even GET internet... you have to have dish internet! (Isn't that weird or am I just a suburbs kid to the core??) All the way to Ithaca we saw signs for CANADA! And there were statues of buffalo on the median... good thing I wasn't driving because I did a hard double take thinking they were real!

Heres where Ithaca is...

But luckily it looks like this...

Beau is SO SO happy. He is a good house dog but belongs on a farm and dearly missed his cows and fields and constant state of muddienesss!

Charlie and I will accompany them as soon as I find a job! ....easier said than done...

Charlie and Beau LOVE the huge grass field behind the house... I love that the yard is "fenced in" with corn and there are NO CARS for me to worry over!!!!

Happy dogs.. I think they were hunting butterflies? If only they could hunt jobs!!! :)

Charlie loved bouncing in the grass...


  1. Oh my, that looks like doggy heaven! Charlie, you are so cute bouncing up and down in the tall grass.

  2. My mom says Ithaca is beautiful! She has a friend that went to college there and visited often! She also thinks Charlie and Beau are super cute! Hope you enjoy the new digs!


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