Monday, April 9, 2012

Popping In To Say Hello!

Since yesterday was Charlie's 2nd birthday and Ryker noticed it had been a YEAR since our last post... we decided to stop in and say hello!

Maybe... possibly... we will stop being all blog lazy. Although after a year "lazy" seems to be a bit of an understatement...  :)

This was Halloween... Beau the super hero.. and Chicken Charlie!

We also went swimming for the first time ALREADY because the weather has been AWESOME!

He may be two... but he's still pretty tiny!

We go to the park.. every day. Or else I get Aussie bark-screamed at..

Me?? Demanding?? Never!!

And Beau just loves everything.. including the first blog post after a year :)


  1. Yes...hope you start blogging again. We need some more mini aussies. :)

  2. So just how big did Charlie get? I have a mini female 21 weeks old 15 inches tall and around 17 lbs. She's all legs, I was really hoping she would stay her regardless but curious to here Charlie's adult height and weight. Thanks!

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